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Attentions in the design of fixed-rotor tooling fixtures
- 2020-03-02-

Thinking about the Design of Fixed Rotor Tooling Fixture

The design of the fixed-rotor tooling fixture has a single common structure, which gives people the impression that the structure is not very complicated. Especially the current popularity of hydraulic fixtures greatly simplifies the original mechanical structure, but if it is not carefully considered during the design process, it will be unnecessary. Bother:

1. The blank of the workpiece

The size of the formed blank is too large, resulting in intervention. So be sure to prepare a rough drawing before designing. Leave enough space

2. Smooth chip removal of fixture

Due to the limited processing space of the machine tool when designing, the fixture is often designed to be more compact. At this time, the iron filings generated during the machining process are often neglected to accumulate at the dead corner of the fixture.

Including the outflow of cutting fluid is not smooth, which brings a lot of trouble to the subsequent processing. Therefore, at the beginning of practice, we should consider the problems presented in the machining process. After all, the fixture is based on improved efficiency, and it is convenient to operate.

3. The overall openness of the fixture

Negligence and openness, making the operator difficult to install cards, time-consuming and laborious, design taboo

4. Fundamental theoretical criteria for fixture design

Each fixture has to go through numerous clamping and releasing actions, so it may be possible to reach the user's request at the beginning, but the addition should have its accuracy and persistence, so do not design something that contradicts the principle.

Even if you are lucky, you can't have lasting persistence. A good design should be tempered by time.

5.Changeability of positioning elements

Positioning elements are subject to severe wear and tear, so consider changing quickly and easily. Don't design into larger parts

The accumulation of fixture design experience is very important. Sometimes design is one thing, and it is another thing in practice. Therefore, good design is a process of accumulation and summary from time to time.

While thinking about the issues to pay attention to in the design of tooling fixtures, we must adhere to the following basic guidelines for the design of tooling fixtures:

1.Meet the stability and reliability of workpiece positioning during application

2. The processing process with sufficient load or clamping force to ensure that the workpiece stops on the fixture

3, to meet the simple and fast operation during the clamping process

4. Vulnerable parts must have a structure that can be changed quickly. When conditions are plentiful, no other tools are required to stop them.

5.Meet the reliability of repeated positioning of the fixture during the adjustment or replacement process

6, as far as possible to prevent complex structures and expensive

7, as far as possible, choose standard parts as component parts

8. Systematization and standardization of products that constitute the company

Because of the importance of fixed-rotor tooling, its quality and accuracy directly affect the efficiency of machining. Therefore, it is necessary to stop controlling its quality and accuracy from the source. It appears that a reliable and powerful fixture manufacturer is selected. Especially important.

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