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High-voltage motor punching die operation specification
- 2019-12-26-

I. Operation specifications of high-voltage motor punching die

1. Before using the mold, check it against the process card. The mold used is accurate and consistent with the process card.

2. The operator should understand the performance of the mold and master the correct operation method.

3. Check whether the mold used is in good condition and whether the stamping material used meets the requirements of the process drawing to prevent damage to the mold due to the raw materials not meeting the requirements.

4. Check whether the equipment used meets the process requirements, such as whether the stroke of the press, the tonnage of the press, etc. are compatible with the mold used.

5. Before installing the mold, wipe off the oil and dust and other debris on the machine table (punch, hydraulic press) worktable, slide, and the upper and lower surfaces of the mold.

6. Check whether the mold is correctly installed on the press, whether the upper mold body and the lower mold body are fastened to the press, and whether the mold installation and closing height is correct, and try to avoid eccentric loads. When adjusting the closing height, manual and jog methods are used to gradually adjust the stroke depth. It is forbidden to connect cars before confirming the adjustment.

When the hydraulic press is in use, it is necessary to check the parallelism of the table and the slider every other week. If it is detected that the table and the slider are not parallel, you must find a professional maintenance person to adjust the equipment. Otherwise, it will crush the mold, and Causes product failure.

7. After the mold is installed, check whether the fastening screws of the mold mounting base are properly locked, so as not to damage the mold and the machine tool. Proper use of safety protection and control devices on the equipment. It is forbidden to store any items unrelated to production on the work surface during the processing of the workpiece. The mold state must be checked regularly during the work process, and it should be adjusted in time if it is loose or slipping.

8. Strictly implement the "three inspections" system in the workshop. The first few products processed using the mold should be carefully checked according to the process card design, and the first batch can be mass-produced.

9. When two or more people work, there must be someone to direct and be responsible for the operation of the foot device.

10. The height of the mold and the height adjustment of the machine tool can only be placed under the mold under the mold; if it is really necessary to be placed on the upper mold, it must be carried out with the consent and guidance of technical staff.

11. During the use of the mold, it is necessary to abide by the operating rules. When the equipment is running, it is forbidden to put hands into the mold to pick and place parts and remove residual materials. When operating with a foot switch, the movements of hands and feet must be coordinated. When picking up, keep your feet off the foot switch. When punching a workpiece, the hand or foot must be away from the button or pedal to prevent misoperation.

12. In the working process, check the mold operation at any time, and find any abnormalities to maintain and repair at any time.

13. The surface of the work piece of the mold and the active mating parts should be surface-lubricated in time. (Such as guides, guides, cutting edges, etc.)

14. After the mold is used, the mold must be properly removed from the press according to the operating procedures. When disassembling the mold, the mold must be closed. Clean up the work site, and respond to the technical staff in time for problems that occur during the use of the mold.

15. The surface of the disassembled mold should be cleaned to remove oily dirt and other debris, so that the appearance is clean, no rust, no grease, small tools are placed on the shelf, and large tools are stored in the designated storage place. Do a good job of lubrication to ensure that the tooling is intact, and the storage area of ​​the tooling needs to be provided with a storage mark.

16.During the handling and lifting of the mold, it should be stable, slow up and slow down.

17. The operator does not operate according to the operating regulations, which causes damage to the process equipment. The assessment management is implemented in accordance with the economic responsibility system of the workshop.

Stator and rotor

Second, matters needing attention

(1) The mold should be inspected strictly before installation and use, remove the dirt, and check whether the guide sleeve of the mold and the mold are well lubricated.

(2) Regularly check the turntable of the punch press and the mold mounting base of the hydraulic press table to ensure the accuracy of the upper and lower coaxial of the equipment.

(3) Install the convex and concave molds on the turntable according to the installation procedure of the mold to ensure that the directions of the convex and concave molds are the same, especially for molds with direction requirements (non-circular and square). Be careful to prevent incorrect installation and reverse installation.

(4) When the punch and die edges of punch dies are worn, they should be stopped and sharpened in time, otherwise the degree of wear of the die edges will be rapidly enlarged, the die wear will be accelerated, and the quality of the punches and the die life will be reduced.

(5) Stamping personnel should use softer metals (such as copper, aluminum, etc.) to make operating tools to prevent the mold from being damaged during knocking or smashing during installation.

(6) Handle the mold gently during transportation, and never allow littering, so as not to damage the cutting edge and guide of the mold.

(7) To ensure the service life of the mold, the spring of the mold should be replaced regularly to prevent the fatigue of the spring from affecting the use of the mold.

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