Rotor with cutting edge composite mould

Rotor with cutting edge composite mould

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Rotor with edge trimming die: This process is generally applicable to small rotor punching blades below 180. The rotor with edge trimming is recommended, which can save a process, the concentricity of the composite punching is good, and it can be made into a mechanical and manual dual-use process. Improve the product efficiency. Compared with the rotor embossing die, the cost of the mold is improved, but the benefit can still largely offset the price difference. Therefore, more and more customers are trimming the rotor with the trimming technology below 180. Widely recognized and applied.

Segregation is the manifestation of the composition and microstructure heterogeneity of steel, which is a defect often found in the inspection of low-power microstructures of mold steel. It is formed during the solidification process of steel ingots and is related to the chemical composition and pouring temperature of steel. Generally divided into dendritic segregation, square segregation, point segregation and so on. Due to the existence of dendritic segregation, the mechanical properties in negative directions are obviously different. Square segregation is caused by the accumulation of a large amount of impurities and pores in the equiaxed crystal interval between the ends of the columnar crystals and the ingot core when the ingot is crystallized. Severe square segregation has a significant impact on the quality of steel, especially parts with a large amount of cutting processing or mold parts subjected to heart stress. In addition to the isotropy of the mechanical properties of the mold steel, segregation also has a certain effect on the polishing performance of the mold. Therefore, there are strict regulations in relevant foreign standards.


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