Automatic buckle lamination mould

Automatic buckle lamination mould

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Automatic gusseting die: Automatic gusseting die, also known as lamination tooling. It was originally stacked manually. Now it uses a press to slide up and down, plus a pulley and a tray support. For models, large models still need to be manually knocked. The special button can be customized according to customer needs.

Carbides are an essential component of most self-service punches . In addition to austenite-soluble carbides, there are also some residual carbides that are insoluble in austenite. The size, morphology and distribution of carbides have a very important influence on the serviceability of die steel. The size, shape, and distribution of carbides are related to the smelting method of the steel, the solidification conditions of the steel ingots, and the hot working deformation conditions. Hypereutectoid steel carbides may form wind-like carbides at grain boundaries or carbides may be stretched to form band-shaped carbides during processing deformation, or both. In the case of bainite die steel, primary carbides are present. And secondary carbides, in the process of thermal deformation, most of the eutectic carbides in the network can be broken, the carbides first extend in the direction of deformation, resulting in a band shape, as the degree of deformation increases, the carbides become uniform and fine . The non-uniformity of carbides has a greater impact on quenching deformation, cracking and mechanical properties of steel.


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