Blanking big swing mould

Blanking big swing mould

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One-fall three-blank die: One-fall three-blade die is suitable for more than 180 medium and large-sized motor punches. This can reduce the load on the punch. The process is the ejection of the lower die of the stator plate, the ejection of the upper die of the rotor plate, and the punch of the shaft hole plate The material and strip waste are brought out manually, and the rotor and stator pieces are pulled out by the way. The blanking die has a long life. Generally, it can punch 1.5-1.8 million times, and the price is relatively affordable.

Simple blanking die, which consists of two parts: upper die and lower die. The upper mold includes the upper template and all the components mounted on it, and the lower mold includes the lower template and all the components mounted on it. When the die is installed on the press, the die handle of the upper die is clamped in the die handle hole of the slider of the press, moves up and down together with the slider, and is fixed on the work surface of the press by screws and pressure plates. The principle of the motor core mold is as follows. Before the die is punched, the strip is fed against the two guide pins until it touches the guide pin on one side. When punching, the discharge plate first presses the material, and then the punch is punched. The punched workpiece leaks from the hole of the die. When the upper mold is raised, the waste material is unloaded from the punch by the elastic force of the compression rubber. The second and subsequent feedings are positioned by the blocking pin, and punched at an interval. After punching the bar, turn it 180 degrees, and then punch the dotted line in the layout chart. The die structure consists of the following five parts.


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