Progressive die continuous die

Progressive die continuous die

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Progressive die continuous die: The high-voltage motor punching die is composed of multiple stations, and each station is sequentially related to complete different processing, and a series of different stamping processes are completed in one stroke of the punch. After one stroke is completed, the punch feeder will move the material forward according to a fixed step, so that multiple processes can be completed on a pair of molds. Generally, there are guide holes, rotor punching, rotor blanking, and stator punching. , Stator buckle point, Stator blanking, Stator lamination, etc. Generally, there are 5-7 stations. Each time the die is punched, the strip moves at a fixed distance until the product is completed. Features are: 1) Progressive die is a multi-tasking sequential die. In a pair of molds, it can include multiple processes such as punching, bending forming and stretching, with high productivity; 2) safe operation of progressive die 3) Easy to automate; 4) High-speed punch presses can be used for production; 5) Punch, site area can be reduced, transportation of semi-finished products and warehouse occupation can be reduced.

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