Large stator swing die

Large stator swing die

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Stator large swing mold: The stator large swing mold is a stamping mold that can be produced automatically with a feeder. The advantages are high material utilization and stable punching speed. Relative to manual punching, it can be improved by 1/3, the punching quality is more beautiful, and it can reach almost no missing pieces, which greatly improves the quality of the stator core. The fixed rotor tooling mold can increase the utilization of the circular plate on the side according to customer needs. The embossing die is 1/3 long, and generally can be used for about 1-1.3 million punches. The clamping depth can be 1-2MM. The price of the mold is a bit higher than that of ordinary molds. If the overall comparison is large, it is still cheaper than manual punching. The future trend is the era when machines replace humans, so more and more people will use this mold process.

When the part is formed, the relative movement of the data and the appearance of the mold cavity causes the mold surface to wear, which causes the mold's scale accuracy, shape, and roughness of the appearance to change and become invalid. Abrasion is a messy process with many influencing factors. In addition to the external conditions that affect the mold, it also depends to a large extent on the non-uniformity of the chemical composition of the selected steel, the arrangement, and the mechanical functions.


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