High speed punching die for stator with separated rotor

High speed punching die for stator with separated rotor

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Stator belt separation high-speed punching die: The stator belt separation high-speed punching is suitable for customers with many grooves and large punches, especially for customers with large punches, and when the amount of such punches is not particularly large, single slot machines are suitable. Punch sheet, single slot machine punch sheet can be tungsten steel or high speed steel or ordinary CR12, according to customer needs to choose the material and processing technology punch sheet, which is more beautiful, the lamination height is more uniform and easy to control, non-standard products are more suitable for opening Single slot die.

Zhejiang Renxin Mould Technology Co., Ltd. has maintained rapid development since the establishment of Taizhou Luqiao Renxin Company in 2003, and its business scope has expanded rapidly. The company expanded its production scale to build a new plant in Quzhou, covering an area of ​​more than 4,000 square meters. In recent years, while continuously introducing high-quality technical personnel, it has also introduced dozens of high-precision, sophisticated CNC machining stator molds and gantry floods. The grinder rotor mold and the compound mold of the slow-walking equipment are equipped with excellent and unique computer network system design and processing software, which realizes the integration of mold from design, development to manufacturing.


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